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1936Began manufacturing sweet potato starch at seven factories in Kagoshima Prefecture
1938Began manufacturing glucose syrup using sweet potato starch as the raw material
1948Began manufacturing starch vermicelli (HARUSAME) that made use of the special characteristics of sweet potato starch
1955Succeeded in industrializing powdered syrup by spraying
1959Began manufacturing glucose using the enzymatic method
1969Began manufacturing High Fructose Corn Syrup(42)
1972Relocated the Head Office and saccharification factories to Kagoshima Prefecture's Coastal lndustrial Zone
Began manufacturing pickled vegetables using dried radishes, Kagoshima's local specially
1975Began manufacturing High Fructose Corn Syrup(42) by the immobilized enzyme
1978Began manufacturing maltose for medical use
1979Began manufacturing kudzu starch noodles
1980Succeeded in developing fructose separation technology
Began manufacturing High Fructose Corn Syrup(55)
1982Corn starch factory completed; made inroads into the corn industry sector
198650th anniversary; TPM activities launched
1987Private power generation facility completed
1988Began manufacturing dry corn starch
1989Received the PM Excellent Plant Award
1990Nichiden Tsukemono no Sato opened
1991Began manufacturing Crystalline Dextrose
1992Began operations at First Food Factory [for producing starch vermicelli (HARUSAME)
and kudzu starch noodles]
1993Began manufacturing modified starch
1998Obtained a pharmaceutical manufacturing license (Pharmaceutical GMP)
1999Changed the corporate brand from TakaraBoshi to SUNUS
2000Obtained ISO 9001 certification (Head Office Factory and Second Kagoshima Factory)
2001Created the Hakubi Jissen Juku, an in-house school for learning manufacturing skills as a means of passing down technologies
2003Head Office Factory's Distribution Center completed
(shipping and distribution yards)
2004Fukuoka Distribution Center completed
2006Obtained ISO 9001 certification (Branch Offices, Business Office, First Food Factory,Second Food Factory)
2007Obtained certification by Kagoshima City as an Environmentally Managed Business Office
Began manufacturing and marketing Anhydrose, a new type of corn syrup
2009Received the Award of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing as an outstanding food industry corporation
Received Kagoshima Industrial Technology Award's Special Prize
2010Business Process Management (BPM) activities launched
2012Made ASAHI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd and THAI-ASAHI Co., Ltd into a subsidiary.
2013Awarded the Minister's Award for Human Resources Development from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (Superior Skills Testing Workplaces) for FY2013
2014Obtained FSSC22000 certification (Head Office Factory,Second Kagoshima Factory,First Food Factory,Fukuoka Distribution Center)
201680th anniversary Completion of new head office building
2017Changed company name from Nihon Starch Co., Ltd. to SUNUS Co., Ltd.