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President’s Message

We are now in the 84th year since our founding. While our company name, Nihon Starch Co., Ltd., has become well known over these long years, as of April 1, 2017, we changed it to SUNUS Co., Ltd, to match our corporate brand of SUNUS. In addition to the starch products that we have been dealing in since our founding, we are also involved with saccharification products for beverages, frozen desserts, and bread, as well as products used in beer-type beverages and medical use. We respond to recent consumer demand regarding the safety of food products to ensure that the pickles, Starchvermicelli(HARUSAME), and kudzu starch noodles (kuzukiri) we produce at our plants in Japan are trusted by consumers.

Our core policy is as follows:

  1. Be a company that is continually evolving
  2. Value people
  3. Provide the best quality, cost, and delivery
  4. Be a company valued by the community


To continue being a competitive company that can survive any and all future changes, it’s vital that each of our employees engages in their work with a forward-looking perspective. At Sunus, every employee is involved in our “improvement suggestion activities”; each one does their job not by being ordered or instructed how to solve issues, but by using their wisdom and knowledge of what, specifically, they should do. I believe that the sum total of each person’s growth, added together, is what makes a company grow. I hope to grow alongside our employees, making this a company that is continually evolving.
In addition, we operate a strict quality assurance system, work for improvements, and develop products and new technologies that satisfy. In these ways, we strive to constantly deliver our customers products that are dependable, safe and of the highest quality. To become a company that keeps giving back to the community, we actively engage in CSR and environmental issues, working to become an even more appealing company.
With this change in our company name, we shall boldly tackle the challenges of new business fields and M&A, along with enhancing our existing businesses.
I hope that we can continue to enjoy your unchanging support as your “road to tastiness.”

President Kazuhiro Hombo

Our name,

To create the name SUNUS, we combined the English words sun and us with the Latin word sanus,meaning “healthy, robust, sound, natural, and wise.” The name also reflects our company philosophy of playing a useful role in customers’ lives by serving as a bridge that connects them with nature. SUNUS uses ingredients deriving from the sun and the Earth to create people-and nature-friendly products.