Thickener for Dysphagia

Thickener for Dysphagia

Accidental ingestion happened when food or drink ends up going down the trachea, not the oesophagus, when someone is unable to swallow properly due to dysphagia by illness or old age.
To avoid this, our product has been developed to help the swallowing function.

Our “SUNUSROART” is a new thickener for dysphagia, that combines high quality and low price.

You can see a video of the SUNUSROART on our official YouTube channel, please click down below.

Product information

Uses Add thickness to tea, milk, juice or other drinks.
Add thickness to sauces and condiments.
Product features Dissolves easily into liquids, and makes them clearer.
Odorless and tasteless, it leaves the full flavor of the original food.
It can add thickness to any food.
2kg/upright pack
800g/upright pack
500g/upright pack
3g/stick (100 sticks/pack)


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